Perception changing creative services delivered angst-free and Human

HYPERLUX, who is us, builds beautiful, branded, brilliant, business-building sites based on strategy and custom thought for every brand and maintains them for, Boom laka-laka- Boom, ONE monthly fee. That’s it.

Our Creative and Account services departments offer comprehensive digital and traditional services, including,

1. Strategy
2. Branding
3. Design
4. Art Direction
5. Copy

People ask if it’s hard to write, copy and create impactful communications. We say not if you have an idea; it’s easy. If you don’t, it ain’t, easy.

Talk to us about your advertising /marketing services. We will provide strategic direction and well-constructed creative thought, concept, and execution. As you can see from reading this, we write good and are strategic monsters. We have ideas. That’s the point.


Changing Technology Delivered Angst Free and Human

You don't love technology; that's why you're reading this. Our lives were empty until we found technology and became all happy, then people called us techno nerds, so we started drinking lattes and craft beer, doing Yoga, and wearing black.

Now we are perceived as hip. Ah, perception changed. How about that?

Anyway, we continuously deal with emerging technology on your behalf and to your benefit. Don't worry. You stay up to date at no extra charge. That's us.


HYPERLUX on process

You and we do good as a team. We share the weight. That's the big part of the process. We are available for your ideas, suggestions, interpretations, complaints, answers, timelines, expectations, designs, brands, goals, etcetera, etcetera. We bring no attitude; we will answer your phone from our phones right here in our offices in Seattle, USA, texts, and email. You do the same; that's the biggest part of the process, now the easy stuff, if you don't know something, ask us we will answer and explain.

Sometimes we go to sleep or fall and must get a band-aid, so if we don't answer right away, that's why. Everyone has to get away sometimes or get a band-aid. But when we wake up, and our damaged body parts are fixed, we will get to you.


FAQ is an excellent concept for keeping you from getting answers to questions while the people who are supposedly working with you hide. So, here's how it works, you try to call, fuhgeddaboudit, write, fuhgeddaboudit. You try anyway, fuhgeddaboudit, and you do; you forget about it.

You forget the question you wanted to be answered, so you don't have a question because you forgot the question you had, but you forgot it while you were looking for help, and it was important; we feel you.

Need to refine text on a page, swap out a photo, or add a new page?

We've got you covered. Within reason, we can build you what you dream (We're not making the next Uber or Facebook. For that, let's set up a call with our partner Ranadev.io.)

Can I cancel whenever I want?

You become a partner when you work with us, and we don't become your overlords (interesting Led Zeppelin reference there). You know Jimi Hendrix is from Seattle, so yes, you can cancel.

These FAQ are designed for your convenience. If you can't find your answer, call or write us. We're here to help.


One Price. That's it.
How cool is that?

"Price is what you pay, Value is what you get."*

Don't try to build your business website; it's hard, and every hour you spend not doing what you do best is an hour you're losing your money and your joy. Hyperlux, who is us, builds beautiful, branded, business-building sites and maintains them for Bada bing, one monthly fee of $700. That's it.

*Quote is by Warren Buffett


It ain’t like you don’t got choices so let’s talk about us.

Rae and Nate are our overlords, bosses, and Hyperlux founders who have also founded and are bosses of Rana (a premier development company) and operate based on a straightforward principle of "Hey, if we're the bosses there's always someone to blame who is not us.

"Rana is a wildly successful female-owned mobile development agency. The mobile part doesn't mean that they move the business from their moms' basements to friends' couches. It means they are an extremely reliable and forward-thinking tech company specializing in user experience and emerging technologies, so you don't have to. So, that leads us to Hyperlux, the new Nate/Rae adventure, which is why we have a website all about Hyperlux and this page that is about Nate and Rae but is not usual, just like them. It is unusual, just like them. People focused and committed to talent, and service are they both. Oh, Nate is the boy, and Rae is the girl. Most likely, if you could call them and they'll talk to you in a friendly way and help lead your project to a positive launch and profitable operation.

Now here's the part that will make your eyes glaze over, but after reading a line or two, you'll say, "They must be good. I don't understand any of it, but they do, so let's get that site rolling with Hyperlux.”

rae is about

Co-Founder & CEO of RĀNA

o    Code Fellows graduate, Certificate of Advanced Software Development in iOS

o    Bridging the gap between development and design through a more innovative approach: RĀNA was founded to work with other Founders, CEOs, CTOs, and other Executives as their "external internal development team."

o    Ultimately set to prioritize design first, with a high-res prototype before any development even begins.

o    Founder/CEO/Developer/Yoga Instructor for 15 years (The Rest Movement)

o    Rae lives her life with a focus on maintaining balance, allowing one hemisphere of the brain to focus on restoration, mindfulness, and healing, and lending the other to software development at RĀNA Agency.

NATE is about

Co-Founder & CXO of RĀNA

o    Co-Founder and CXO of Self ID Inc.: A new paradigm for how identity and data are owned and shared with the world.

o    Firmly believes you should never compromise on design or experience in the name of development.

o    User Experience is THE essential function of *any* business: Without a memorable, cool, fun, or emotional experience, people will only use your product by default or because they have to.

o    If one day something newer or better or easier comes along, there will be no reason for them to stay where they are--with you.

o    Work hard to build a culture where you lean hard where people who have been places you haven't or do things differently: "Don't just give them a chance to prove you wrong, give them the opportunity to prove themselves right for the benefit of the team."

book  a

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